WoW Fishing: an extravagant profession

Along with cooking and first aid, fishing is a secondary profession in WoW and is said to be difficult to level up. Until the BC expansion, not many players found fishing useful. Along with the expansion in cooking that brought us many new food recipes useful for raiding, fishing eventually became more sought after and valued as a secondary profession.

With the expansion of WOTLK, fishing became more valued than ever. There are many new achievements when it comes to fishing and cooking, fun daily quests, and many new recipes that helped make cooking and fishing more popular.

With the successful completion of fishing achievements, you can get a special “Salty” fisherman title, and the fun part is that not many players have it. To get to the title, you need to complete some fishing achievements like Chasing Marcia, The Coin Master, and Master Angler of Stranglethorn. It will require you to win a fishing competition in Booty Bay, find different schools of fish, catch various fish, and much more.

As you can see, fishing is very useful, and it can be quite profitable too! If you decide to level up in fishing, you don’t need to level up in cooking as well, however, these two professions are a perfect match, so one tip would be to level them both together.

How exactly is fishing profitable?

The answer to this question is easy: you can earn gold by selling fish! There are many areas on the map where you can find ideal places to fish. Just by selling the raw fish in the AH you can earn a lot of gold. If you have also leveled up in the kitchen, try making high-level food and you will see how making gold with these two professions is easy. There are many recipes that involve fish and this type of food is especially nice because it increases stats such as spell power, stamina, spirit, hit, critical and haste rating, attack power, strength, agility, etc. etc.

There are some special foods like the one for the hunters’ pets and for the whole group or raid, the Fish Feast. This special feast is made with different types of fish found in Northrend and Northern Spices, which you can get from cooking journals found in Dalaran. The Fish Feast is useful because anyone in your party/raid can eat it and receive 80 attack power, 46 spell power, and 40 bonus resistance stats for 1 hour.

Fishing is a useful and enjoyable profession to level up and when combined with cooking it can give anyone a huge boost. However, most of the players who leveled up fishing say that this profession is very difficult to level as its leveling goes quite slow compared to other professions.

When it comes to fishing equipment, you must have a fishing pool and lures that are used to increase your skill and of course a good place to fish. Apart from that, it will go the same as in real life, with a lot of patience. The fishing process is slow since you have to wait a few seconds for a fish to bite.

If you think it’s going too slow, don’t give up just yet! Take your time and keep in mind that with this profession you should not be in a hurry and that by doing daily quests you will also gain a lot in your skill. Be patient and you will see that with the diaries it will be easier and more fun.

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