Relationship Advice For Women: 3 Reasons Playing Hardcore Keeps Men From Cheating On Their Wives

Relationship advice for women is pretty common. You search anywhere on the internet and another guru seems to appear, giving his opinion on what to do to solve certain problems. What is my unique selling proposition? I have experienced, either directly or indirectly, all the advice I have given. For example, during the time that I wasn’t sure if Ella was the one for me, I considered cheating on her. Fortunately, she nipped the problem in the bud and made sure that I was loyal to her. As? Playing hard to get with me.

1. Playing hard to get: defined

In case English isn’t your first language or you want to check your definition, here’s how I define rough play: when you tease someone and encourage them to get closer and then move a little further away when they’re close to getting you.

It’s basically like “tiggy” or “tag” when we were all young at one point. We all keep playing when we are dating or even after getting married. In fact, it’s even more important to play it even when you’re married.

2. Chasing a girl

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason when you’re married, you find that you long to be single. I heard that it is the same for when you are single, that is, you long for a partner. Anyway, I desperately wanted to flirt with girls and have fun. it was just me

My wife saw this and instead of being upset, she took me out more, courted me more, and generally just pretended we were dating again. She took my attention away from the other girls and made me slowly rekindle my love for my wife. Obviously, there was a lot more that happened in between, but playing hardball allowed me to refocus on winning my wife back.

3. Playing hard to get during the marriage

Playing hard to get focused on certain girls. Sure, you can play it with multiple women, but as long as you play it, you can only focus on one girl at a time. If the wife doesn’t play it with her husband, if he misses him enough, she will initiate him with other women.

Worse still, they can initiate it with your man! You can’t avoid this; You can’t keep an eye on your man 24/7, nor do I advise it. However, if you go out of your way to be flirtatious and act tough to be with him regularly during your daily interactions, he won’t think of cheating on you. Hey, nobody said relationships were easy to maintain. Hopefully this relationship advice for women has been helpful to you.

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