Refined White Sugar – White Poison!

“Refined white sugar is largely to blame for some forms of diabetes, whose victims face the threat of blindness and other serious deficiencies, not to mention heart disease, stroke, schizophrenia, alcoholism, and possibly some cancers. “. [1] according to Dr. Robert D. McCracken, an anthropologist at the University of California (UCLA).

The big charge against refined white sugar is its high solubility in the body. It precipitates through the stomach wall without being digested, it stimulates the excess secretion of insulin by the pancreas to facilitate its passage through the cell membranes of the tissues, where it is used as fuel and causes a metabolic imbalance, which It allows deadly bacteria, viruses and germs. Sugar is also fattening and has been found to be dangerous for heart cases, disrupting the calcium-phosphorus balance in the blood.

The average American consumes between two and three pounds of sugar each week, which is not surprising considering that highly refined sugars are processed in as many foods as bread, breakfast cereals, mayonnaise, peanut butter, ketchup, and salsa. spaghetti, microwave foods. and almost everything else.

In large amounts, sugar lowers blood sugar. If insulin itself is not controlled, blood sugar drops to abnormally low levels. This condition is called hypoglycemia, and it can lead to mental and other serious disorders.

Read the label on all manufactured, bottled, and canned products. If you include sugar among the ingredients, drop it like poison! The same is true for any product that includes high fructose corn syrup or brown sugar, as commercial brown sugar is actually refined sugar with molasses added. In fact, it is more refined than white sugar.

There are several natural sugars that can be used in the same way as refined white or brown sugar when a sweetener is needed, such as date sugar, maple syrup, rapadura, and raw honey, although honey is a concentrated sugar. And it should be used in extreme moderation, like all natural sugars. If you suffer from any form of liver congestion, honey absorbs fluids and makes the condition worse. Natural and unrefined sugars contain mineral salts like potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron phosphates and more that have been stripped of refined sugars. However, most of these healthier sugars are still broken down in your body in the same way that regular sugar does. The nutrients found in some of them are nullified by the fact that nutrients are needed from your body to break down sugar. Organic is better because of the lack of pesticides, but otherwise it is the same. Sugar is still sugar! A better plan is to replace sugar with fruit if possible.

For your good health and long life!

[1] Paul Bragg and Virginia Bragg, “Healthy Eating Without Confusion,” Santa Barbara, California: Health Sciences, 1967, p. 12.

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