Online Yoga Teacher Training For Bigger Bodies

Online Yoga Teacher Training

In an ideal world, every yoga student could walk into a studio knowing that they would be welcomed and accommodated, no matter their size. But that isn’t always the case, and for many people who are in larger bodies, yoga can be an isolating practice that leaves them feeling like they need extra props while their classmates move through their poses without them. This is why a yoga teacher training that is inclusive of all bodies is so important.

Luckily, the Yoga Alliance offers a Yoga Teacher Training for bigger bodies online that provides the tools and resources for students to become certified teachers in all styles of yoga. These courses are often available on a flexible schedule, allowing students to work with their busy lives to get the certification they need.

These courses offer the opportunity to dive into all things yoga, from the fundamentals of how the body moves to the subtle nuggets of wisdom that surface only when a practitioner is ready to receive them. Taking a page from the ancient Gurukula system, these trainings also offer students an immersive experience that allows them to learn in a way that isn’t just theoretical, but practical and applicable to their everyday lives.

Online Yoga Teacher Training For Bigger Bodies

The biggest problem these courses are designed to tackle is that many yoga teachers don’t know how to teach to people in bigger bodies. This is not because they are insensitive or unknowledgeable, but because they have never been in a bigger body themselves. Having a teacher that is in the same body as them can make all the difference in terms of empowering students to push themselves further in the poses and addressing issues that might arise due to larger sizes such as the need for more space or ensuring that large parts of the body aren’t getting in the way of a pose.

During an online yoga teacher training course, students will be given all of the tools and knowledge they need to teach all levels and abilities of yoga. This includes the ability to pause and rewind the video content as needed, so that they can understand everything that is being taught and be confident in their abilities.

Plus, all of the materials and videos are theirs to keep for life, so they can return to them whenever they need a reminder of how to apply what they have learned to their own practice or when they are teaching. This is a great way to ensure that the skills and information gained will be relevant and useful for years to come. This is a truly invaluable investment that can help to transform the yoga world for the better.

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