Health benefits of the Aeron chair

The Aeron chair, although relatively new, has managed to gain a large following around the world. This is mainly due to its design that responds to the need for a seat that does not cause bodily pain even when the user sits for hours on end. Its design also responded to the change in the work culture of the majority, who have moved to office work from field or active work.

The Aeron chair has also garnered several awards and accolades. One of which is placed in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Rightly so, as the chair is a work of art in itself. It is an attractive chair, with several features and that also provides several benefits. One benefit is the improvement or maintenance of the user’s health.

Herman Miller, Inc., maker of the Aeron chair, hired a team of specialists, physical therapists, and ergonomists to create a chair that molds the body, supports various shapes and sizes, and adapts to its user’s every movement and position. These specialists, as well as the two designers credited for this world-renowned work of art, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, were able to devise the Pellicle suspension system that replaced the uncomfortable cushions, allowing the body to cool while minimizing the pressure. points distributing pressure evenly. In addition, the Pellicle Suspension System helps blood circulate properly, increasing alertness and preventing any bodily pain.

Another advance is the chair’s ability to improve overall posture thanks to its Posture Fit innovation. This innovation provides support for the lower back by filling the space between the lower back and the chair. In doing so, the chair supports the natural tilt of the pelvis, promoting proper posture and aligning the spine properly. Thanks to this innovation, users are assured of long-term comfort and better posture.

The health benefits of the Aeron chair don’t stop there. With the Kinemat knee tilt mechanism, the user can rotate their lower body naturally (knees, ankles and hips) simultaneously. Therefore, unlike most chairs, Aeron prevents pressure from concentrating on the thighs or legs by distributing the pressure evenly, reducing or completely avoiding any pain in the legs.

The chair also comes with an adjustable lumbar pillow which is quite similar to the aforementioned Posture Fit innovation in that it also supports the lower back. It also comes with a tilt tension adjustment that allows the user to control the resistance of the chair when leaning back and the forward tilt which allows the user to control the position of the chair to achieve the most comfortable computing posture.

Basically, the Aeron chair improves posture and at the same time prevents any bodily pain. It also increases alertness by allowing the blood to circulate properly and allowing the body to cool down. In addition, the Aeron chair boosts morale and increases the desire to work.

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