Choosing the right drawer pull

Those of us who like to dabble in new design trends may wake up one morning, look at our kitchens and think, “It’s time for a change.” Maybe you decide to pick up paint chips, or maybe you’ll jump out and buy new placemats and glassware. But you can update your kitchen cabinets with a single visit to the home improvement store or surfing the Internet. Changing kitchen knobs is like updating a classic suit that has worked well for years by swapping out some trendy jewelry.

Be warned: the selection of cabinet knobs can be overwhelming! Consider the look you want before you start shopping. One way to narrow down your options is to consider the materials you’d like to add to your kitchen.

You can find many options for ceramic kitchen knobs. You will see that ceramics is a favorite medium among craft artists. If you want an original style for your kitchen, consider these little works of art. If you want to add a modern look to your kitchen, you can’t go wrong looking for handmade ceramic cabinet knobs. With all the bright glazes, bold painted designs, and dramatic details, you have many different options in pottery.

If these ceramic knobs are finished by hand, each one will be a little different. But if you’re looking for originality, these little works of art may be just what you’re looking for. Pottery can be formed into endless shapes, so you’re spoiled for choice if you’re looking for something fun, like smiling suns or your initials, for example.

If a vintage look appeals to you, glass kitchen cabinet knobs are a great option. Look for vintage reproductions in a box of colored paint: green, cobalt blue, red, amber, pink and clear are popular choices. The shabby-chic look popularized the classic hexagon glass kitchen cabinet knobs. And glass can take on sculptural forms by being pressed into shapes such as flowers and fruits.

If you’ve ever been drawn to contemporary jewelry made with diachronic art glass and fused glass, you can find kitchen cabinet knobs made using the same methods. Stained glass techniques have also created some distinctive kitchen cabinet knobs. These would be bold design choices in a contemporary kitchen.

You will find the largest selection of metal kitchen furniture knobs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional look or a cutting-edge contemporary design, you’ll have thousands of options in a wide variety of metals. But by no means do you have to settle for ordinary kitchen cabinet knobs. Classic shapes will stay classic, but you can update the look with an unusual metallic finish. Or you can choose kitchen cabinet knobs with a contemporary design but with a traditional finish; this choice unites two worlds of design. Metal also mixes well with other materials such as wood, leather, and stone; you can find kitchen cabinet knobs that incorporate a couple of your favorite materials.

Redesigning the room that is the center of your home doesn’t mean you have to make serious decisions for everything. If you like to make unexpected choices in your decor, there are plenty of lovely designs to choose from. How about adding kitchen cabinet knobs that look like an old fashioned cab to an urban galley kitchen? How about using a small wine glass knob for the cabinets above a bar? With the right choice, you can play around with a theme without being extreme.

Pick up some new kitchen cabinet knobs and you can prove that little details can make a big statement about your sense of style.

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