Get an Apple iPhone 4 for Free by Becoming a Product Tester

Countless people miss out on beta testers for new Apple products when they become available. Just like Apple’s new iPhone 4 being gifted to testers right now! You might think that it is not possible to become a tester and that someone like you would not receive a free Apple iPhone 4 just for trying it out and telling the company what you think about it, right?

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! All you have to do is locate the promotional websites on the web that offer you free Apple iPhone 4 mobile phones in exchange for your review. Typically you just need to submit a survey form or cell phone checklist rather than having to create an extensive assessment. There is nothing simpler compared to that, right?

What you need to understand is that there are companies in the market that will be compensated in the millions of dollars for conducting market research and your task is to determine “exactly what people want.” Then they should venture out and give incentives to people like you and me with expensive products and devices (like a free iPhone 4) as a way for us to give them our own true thoughts and opinions and fill out these online surveys etc. It is definitely a win-win scenario for everyone, as the organization gets the data they need about the product and you have a brand new Apple iPhone 4 FREE FREE!

Don’t be fooled by people telling you that anything on the web is a scam and that you can’t get a totally free iPhone 4 because you definitely can. Search the website, search to see if any are still offered in your area by entering your zip code, and then get your iPhone 4 totally free. Good luck!

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