Four keys to enhancing your prophetic gift

Do you have a prophetic gift? Have you ever felt led by the Holy Spirit to speak a word of prophecy over another person? Have you ever wanted to increase your anointing by giving a word from God to someone? Do you want to improve your gift?

Key 1: Love

The best key to becoming an effective witness and bringing strong and impactful words to other people is to show your love for people. Anyone can have a gift of prophecy and operate in that gift, but the release of the power and depth of the gift by sharing it with others is intimately tied to the love that the prophetic person has for others.

When you don’t have love for people, you are afraid to go out and give precise but risky words of knowledge that are very specific to one person. However, when you have the love of the Lord Jesus in your heart for people, then you will not let the fear of being wrong stop you, and you will go out and prophesy even when your words sound strange.

I overheard Shawn Bolz share that he was having dinner with a skeptical businessman who didn’t believe in God. Shawn asked God for a specific word for him and then began reciting a twenty-digit number that was made up of numbers, letters, and all sorts of characters. The man stopped him mid-recitation and asked how he knew the number. It was the businessman’s private business account number that only he and his lawyer knew. This man’s wife didn’t even know the number.

Shawn told the man that God had told him that number, and he didn’t realize its significance. Man believed in God from that day on.

Key 2: Compassion

Many people are saved but not all carry with them the compassion of the Lord Jesus. Your love and compassion will cause you to prophesy to a stranger you meet while conducting your business each week. When the Lord gives me a word for a stranger, love and compassion for the person allows me to reach out to them, interrupt their conversation, and share a prophetic word.

Jesus had a lot of compassion for people, and because of that, he ministered to many more people than a normal person would. In order to grow in anointing and power, you need to grow in your compassion for people.

Key 3: Practice

Shawn Bolz has an amazing gift of word of mouth, but the gift doesn’t stay dormant. Every time he ministers, he comes up with very specific words of knowledge that have been given to him by the Lord as he spent hours before the Lord.

Shawn doesn’t rest on his laurels or his reputation. He regularly drops very risky words of knowledge when he ministers, and he trusts that the words of knowledge refer to someone in the audience.

Personally, I have given about 20,000 prophetic words: 10,000 to non-Christian strangers and about 10,000 to Christians. Every time I prepare to give a recorded nine-minute prophecy to someone through my website, I get a little nervous with the weight of responsibility.

If I hear a verse when prophesying, I share it, and I am often told that the verse is their favorite verse or a key verse in their life. God regularly uses me with words of knowledge that build trust in others. You can only become proficient in releasing words of knowledge with a lot of practice.

Key 4: Outsourcing

I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I told you that impartation doesn’t play a role in the strength of your gift. You can also receive the mantle of another prophet through the gift of impartation. If you move in the prophetic and every time you get a chance to have a prophet pray for you, you must be brave enough to ask for an impartation.

I hope this article has helped you.

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