Discover Italy: Chianti – The paradise for wine lovers

Chianti means red wine, but not only that. It also means an enchanting landscape full of vineyards and red roofs that sparkle in the Tuscan sun. It’s no wonder the English were so enchanted by the region that they named it Chiantishire.

If you are a wine lover, be sure to visit Castello di Nipozano which has been, for generations, the home of Frescobaldis, famous winemakers. They produce Rùfina, a very luxurious wine.

However, if you want to enjoy wine, you don’t have to buy the most expensive brand. The local trattorias offer very good wines at good prices.

All Chianti wines are made from Sangiovese and Chianti Classico grapes. Since 2005, all Chianti Classico wines have a black rooster on their label, the symbol of Chianti producers since the 17th century, and today synonymous with quality wine.

If you drive from Florence to Siena on the Chiantigiana road, you will be able to admire the most beautiful places in the region: picturesque villages and fairytale hills.

The charming village of Greve Chianti celebrates the annual wine festival that takes place on the second Sunday in September. Don’t forget to plan your visit accordingly so you don’t miss out on this spectacular event. You can buy wine absolutely everywhere, but the best place to enjoy it is Piazza Matteotti. Grab a glass of red wine, a piece of crostini bread, and watch the people walk around shopping.

The best way to explore Chianti is on foot, especially if you walk the famous ecological trail, or ecopassaggio, which takes you from San Gusmè over the hills and vineyards to Castelnuovo Berardegna. In addition, the region is full of charming farms converted into cozy hotels.

Chianti is one of the best places for gourmets thanks to its fresh and high-quality ingredients. Venison and rabbit meat are especially popular. Don’t forget to try the bean soup and other simple traditional dishes, such as arista, roast pork stuffed with rosemary and garlic. Cheese plays an important role in the gastronomy of Chianti. Ricotta filled pasta is a heavenly dish. And remember to buy a piece of pecorino, a delicious goat cheese. Chianti also produces Tuscany’s most famous cheese, the oval marzolino which is best eaten completely fresh or slightly ripe. If you like sweets, be sure to try the cantuccini, crunchy almond cookies. Just take one, dip it in vinsanto, a sweet dessert wine, and let it melt in your mouth. It is divine.

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