The Couch Potato Guide to Weight Loss

It was a syndrome that was unheard of in my growing up years. I first came across this term “Couch Potato” in an Archie Comic Digest and asked my mom what it meant. Even she wasn’t quite sure about it then, but now everyone knows what it means. In fact, most people have a resident example that lives with them.

So how do you get a couch potato, who sits and watches the TV screen continuously all night and snacks almost non-stop, to do little things that will help with weight loss? It may surprise you, but just tweaking a few parts can give you a routine that’s much healthier than what’s currently followed. I will outline a few changes that can be made and if adhered to and maintained will definitely result in weight loss.

A sofa is bad enough, but a bed is worse. Please do not place your TV in your bedroom. It’s a bad idea. It not only increases the mind-numbing, mind-numbing programming you watch, but also affects how long you sleep. In fact, it lowers your sleep quality if you share a room with someone who keeps channel surfing, even if a single show isn’t worth watching.

After you’ve placed the TV and all its paraphernalia in a neutral room or common room, place your TV remote controls, DVD player, etc., all on top of the TV, even after you’ve turned it on. Every time you want to change the channel, get up off the couch and change it. A positive side effect for wives will be that husbands will have to limit their channel surfing power while being willing to stay near the TV.

Change the snacks to a healthier one. Instead of fries they have popcorn. Add some cucumber with freshly squeezed lime juice and salt on the menu. In winter, carrots cut into sticks and served with a yogurt-based dip are also a good option. Serve your snacks in style on a plate; don’t dig into the package directly.

During commercial breaks, get up and walk around the room instead of watching the same ad repeated for an infinite amount of time. Do some stretches. On a regular series break, you can stand up and touch your toes (if you can reach them) ten times. I’ve tried it and it’s possible, last time wise. Well, if the wise inclination is possible, that will depend on you.

Even when you are watching the show, sit in a correct upright posture. This is to prevent undue pressure on your spine and you will burn more calories than just lying back in your chair. Also, if you can put a mattress on the floor instead of a sofa, you will exercise much more calories when you sit down and get up. Try wiggling your toes, swinging your arms and legs, in fact, do everything you can to avoid being totally inactive.

Pretty simple changes to implement and effective too.

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