You need videos to recruit top talent

Video content marketing is not just for advertising products and services. It also serves to advertise as a company, to your clients or clients, and even more so to the people you want to work for you.

Recruiting can be tricky because you’re competing with other companies for new talent. And since your workers are your most important resources, you need to attract only the best and brightest. If you think a couple of posters and flyers will do the trick, you’ll miss out on evaluating more talented people. Today, you need a video-based recruiting strategy to attract competitive candidates.

That is how.

Videos Humanize your brand

Young and bright job seekers are now more interested in working for companies that display certain values ​​that they want. That’s why millennial job seekers flock to Google and Amazon, companies that have been outspoken about how they value the flexibility of their workers. Google, for example, has some of the best looking video recruitment ads. The video is your opportunity to talk about your values ​​as a company and how you will treat your employees.

Without this, they will see it as just another technology company, or just another restaurant, or just another store, and so on. A video ad will give your brand a heart.

Videos show a glimpse into company culture

If you want people to work for you, they need to hear stories from people who already work for you. Employee testimonials are one of the best strategies for recruiting. Get your people talking about what it’s like to be at your company. How are they treated? How are the people you work with? What do they like most about working for you?

For younger candidates, especially, salary isn’t everything; Company culture also matters. You need a way to show potential employees how your business environment can facilitate their growth. A couple of words in a brochure aren’t as compelling as a video ad.

Videos are a better way to answer frequently asked questions

Job seekers will have many questions about the application process or the perks and benefits that come with the job. The videos will help you clearly explain your hiring process, specifically, what you’re looking for in an employee and why you’re hiring. This will help them decide whether or not to apply, and also what to emphasize on their resumes before they are sent to you. This also helps reduce any bugs in the app.

An explainer video is a good way to do this, not to mention it’s relatively easier to do, as there are many tools that already provide templates and digital marketing agencies that offer cheap prices for such a service.

Whatever videos you make, just be sure to incorporate them with your current branding efforts. You need to have a consistent brand tone. But more than that, make sure they are immediately visible on your Careers page on the website and marketed on your social media channels.

If you’re still reluctant to take advantage of video content marketing because it can be expensive, don’t worry. You don’t have to hire a whole team of video marketers if you’re a small business trying to hire the best talent. There are many companies that can do the work for you, and at reasonable prices.

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