Which Check Printing Software Is Best For Printing Checks?

Printing checks in-house often presents a viable cost-cutting alternative to purchasing pre-printed check books from check makers or banks. In addition to cost savings, in-house check printing allows businesses and individuals to customize check layouts and formats while printing only the checks that are needed. Most printers can be used to print checks, from large office printers to home office printer scanner copiers, but before checks can be printed, software must be used to design the check format.

Some types of accounting and bookkeeping software include check printing in their application packages. Other types of software focus solely on printing checks, without other accounting applications.

Check Printing Software Only

Software that is designed for check printing only rather than full-service accounting can provide a cost-effective solution for certain applications. While small businesses and home offices may find it more convenient to rely on all-in-one software applications, larger businesses and offices may want to dedicate a particular printer and computer to print checks only, without having to link the creation of checks through a software system for other business accounting activities.

By using the software for check printing only, businesses avoid having to purchase multiple editions of accounting software, which can help reduce costs. Check printing software applications range in cost from $ 15 to $ 130, a range that is comparable to combined accounting software.

VersaCheck Gold, Checksoft, InstiCheck, and Just Checking are some of the top-rated software applications currently available.

Combined Check Printing and Accounting Software

Whether a check printing or combination accounting software application is the best for a business depends largely on the size of the business and how accounting transactions are handled. For small business owners, home-based professionals, and individuals, all accounting activities are likely to be done together, so combined accounting software is probably the most appropriate software. The costs of both types of software vary significantly, so neither type of software has a significant cost advantage.

Top-rated accounting software applications include: Quicken, Quickbooks, and Goldenseal, although VersaCheck Gold does include billing and credit card transaction tracking features.

Other features to consider

The capabilities of the accounting and payroll software program vary, so it is a good idea to first determine exactly what you need from your software before purchasing. Some software includes MICR check line printing, allowing custom MICR printing, while others exclude it, expecting the business owner to use checks with pre-printed MICR data. Other features that vary from program to program include custom logo and graphic options, font customization, printable signature, and personal check options.

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