Top 10 Ideas for Backyardigans Party Supplies, Decorations, and Activities

Do you want to organize a big birthday party? Read the top 10 ideas below for a fabulous themed party.

1. Purchase Backyardigans-themed invitations. Or create your own using colored cardstock, different colors to represent the different characters. Attach large plastic eyes to the outside of the invitation and write, “Come on my backyard adventure on (date and time)!” Be sure to include all the fun party details inside.

2. If the weather allows it, organize your birthday party outdoors, in the backyard, in a natural environment for your games and activities. Otherwise, create an open indoor space where children have plenty of room to play. Whether indoors or outdoors, use themed balloons and glittery balloons and streamers to add pizzazz to your party! Put character wall stickers on your walls or doors (interior) or on the outside of your house, porch or trees (exterior).

3. Whether indoors or out, create a fun atmosphere by placing balls, of all sizes and colors, on your party floor. It won’t take long for your guests to start making their own fun!

4. Create a fun party food table with a Backyardigan tablecloth, plates, cups, and napkins. Include bright red, purple, or blue utensils. Use a colorful birthday cake pinata as the centerpiece.

5. Create a pretend playhouse using a large appliance or moving box. You can cut holes for doors and windows and let the kids color the house, inside and out, with crayons, markers, pencils, and stickers!

6. Preschoolers love to play and run around, so you might want to make your Backyardigans party more relaxed. One idea is to remember “The 3 B’s”… bouncy balls, bubbles and big boxes. These activities will entertain children for an extended period of time. Add some stuffed toys, puppets, and coloring books to your party floor and just oversee some “play time.”

7. Break the colorful birthday cake pinata! Fill your pinata with Pinata Filler or a mix of Pinata Toys and Candy. Add character stickers, Backyardigan explosions, and tattoos. Have your themed loot bags ready when the piƱata breaks!

8. You may decide to base your party and decor on one of the TV adventures like the High Seas (using pirate decorations and a treasure chest pinata), the frozen north, or the wild west.

9. The Backyardigans are known for their songs and dances. So get out your costume box or buy them: pirate hats and swords, cowboy hats, princess costumes, etc. Play a CD of their favorite backyard tunes to get them up and moving!

You can also play “Freeze Frame”. After the kids are dressed, play Backyardigan music and get everyone dancing. Then stop the music suddenly and have the children “freeze”. Have your child or someone who is “it” tell each person who or what they look like, for example, “You look like you’re flying…you look like a ballerina, etc.” Pick someone else to be “it” and start over.

10. “Follow Paul.” This is played like “Follow the Leader”, only the leader is “Pablo” and he will wear a cap. Remember that Pablo does everything with a lot of energy: marching, jumping, crawling, etc. Have your guests take turns wearing the hat and being “Pablo.”

Incorporating one or more of these ideas will help you throw a wonderful and unforgettable party. Good luck and have fun!

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