The most important features of a professional doctor’s bag

All medical professional bags must have a locking device or key lock.

The inner lining of the bag should be made of a material that is easy to clean to avoid any contamination.

The interior should have A4 size side pockets for documents and additional compartments to allow safe storage of medical equipment.

Leather bags should have a hinged metal frame with a spring mechanism that holds the bag open securely.

All bags must have a blister holder that can hold at least 20 blisters.

The bag must be equipped with a rigid compartment for fragile tools.

The recommended content weight should be at least 5 kg.

The models and designs of professional medical bags have their pros and cons.

Usually the professional doctors bag is made of leather, ABS or nylon.

leather bags

There are some very elegant and stylish doctor bags on the market, mostly made in Italy and France and made with high quality leather.

Leather doctor bags should preferably be made from tougher leather that is scratch-proof rather than finely polished calfskin.

A good quality leather bag will last a long time if cared for properly, it does require a bit of work such as cleaning and removing stains quickly before they get into the leather. Leather should be conditioned at least once a month to ensure it remains soft.

Leather bags are normally constructed with a hinged metal frame, these depend on the design and can sometimes be a bit tricky to close as they are quite delicate, it is important to be careful not to push or bend the frame.

Many of the leather bags come with a cotton lining that makes it difficult to efficiently clean the inside of the bag.

Leather bags typically don’t have many interior pockets or dividers to safely store your gear; this can be a challenge depending on how many desired instruments are stored. Some leather bags are supplied with a loose compartment which is a beneficial cargo solution for keeping gear safe.

It is important to check that leather bags have protective studs and what type; plastic studs are not good enough and will damage the leather. The studs must be brass.

medical abs Hard Cases and Cases

Hard cases and cases are preferred for storing instruments.

There are various layouts for storage, foam trim can be customized to safely store gear, and drawer systems offer a logical way to organize gear.

Some cases are equipped with cover plates with magnetic closures. The plates must be transparent to allow you to find the equipment quickly. Alternatively, the large movable compartments provide an additional means of customizing your gear storage.

ABS and hard plastic cases are often heavy and it is worth checking if the case is supplied with a shoulder strap.

Most ABS boxes have a code lock system which is a preferred option over a standard key lock.

These cases are very durable and will last a long time.

It is important to check that the ABS bag has reinforced protective corners, as this is where the most damage happens to this type of bag.

Canvas and synthetic bags

This bag is usually the cheapest option of all the different types of medical bags.

Easy and lightweight to transport, it makes it a popular choice for nurses who often make home visits and tend to carry a lot of equipment.

The drawback of nylon bags is that there is no locking device and usually only a small key lock can be used. Most of these types of medical bags provide excellent storage and have moveable foam compartments and plenty of internal and external pockets.

The inner lining of the bag is very easy to maintain. Alcohol solutions can be used to wash it in case of contamination.

The material must be waterproof and preferably padded.

Another useful feature is that on some models it can be used as both a shoulder bag and a backpack, which some people find very handy.

Trends and popular bags

A few years ago it was very popular for doctors to have a bag that looked used and worn, the best option being a brown Gladstone bag which often had the doctor’s name engraved on it.

The most popular bags recently have been Italian leather bags that are traditional in style but made in quite strong colours, sky blue, bright yellow and deep purple to name a few.

Younger doctors tend to opt for bags made of nylon and synthetic material and especially for models that can be used both as a backpack and as a shoulder bag.

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