Straubing Tigers – The Sky is the Limit – Part III

How can the Tigers community smoothly get through the second summer season? This is the big question I asked myself once when I remembered the second season in the first division of ice hockey. Many exciting matches have passed, but there is still much more to come. Sooner or later our goal has to be 10th place to make the playoffs.

No more shootouts, but I’m still tremendously excited about the Tigers’ two appearances in the German Premier League. I can’t help but sum up this great experience critically, but rather happily.

Many things have already been said and told, not to mention all kinds of official statements and loads of facts that undoubtedly praised the Tigers as a team that definitely contributed in a very positive way; let alone mention the poll about the most loved team/city in the DEL (Deutsche Eishockey Liga).

Sportsmanship, spirit of fair play and his inherent desire to always fight until the end of every game are considered traits that were highly recognized by extremely loyal fans, DEL representatives and even the other teams – enrichment at its best! moment!

In fact, the Tigers brand has definitely made its way into this top league and is surely petrified among opponents to some degree. However, what has been achieved so far will be tested in the third consecutive season, which will be even more difficult and considered by many experts to be more strenuous according to popular belief; Because the Tigers would like to accomplish specific goals that are within their reach from now on, this upcoming season is going to develop its own dynamic.

Needless to say, the ‘underdog’ status has finally faded and there won’t be any kind of underdog from now on, which was already proven last season. However, third year goals should not be set unrealistically. Although the quality of the new team looks quite good and promising, you should not ignore the fact that the competitors have the same purpose in mind, that is, to try to get the best players possible in order to finally prevail. But there is no mission impossible, which reveals a feeling that the Tigers are going to establish themselves firmly in the league.

Arriving at the local stadium, which has been described as an old but very charming arena for such prestigious hockey events, both fans and performers on the ice alike appreciated the great atmosphere, now better known as the famous “Roar of Pulverturm”. “. I’m pretty sure the fan support will continue into the next year, which is firmly tied to certain statistical facts, like the average number of viewers during home games. This figure has remained almost the same as in the first season, proving to be a vital indicator for a complete development.

Thinking ahead turns out to be the winning strategy already practiced by the Tigers’ CEOs. Several crucial contracts with well-deserved players have already been extended and the new manager has also agreed to sail further into the team next year; plus, a bunch of hot new pros have signed on with the Tigers and scouts are still looking for some additional players who are supposed to build a strong, hungry team while maintaining a long-term playoff contention.

In my opinion, it is worth counting and betting on the Tigers during the third season. I’m very positive about his upcoming performance: All’s well that ends well! From my perspective, the question of how to reach a reasonable conclusion regarding the mandatory closure of the eastern part of the stadium is seen as far more important to the long-term future of the sport of world-class ice hockey in Straubing.

On the other hand, the persuasion of the members of the municipal council and the Mayor himself in terms of supporting the ideal solution – the construction of a new arena to ensure optimal support of people interested in ice hockey and skating – will have to focus primarily on the long term.

However, the next best thing, a single close-up of the stadium, has also been deemed efficient and sexy, at least from the perspective of city officials. I’m curious how this second solution will play out in the coming months before the first set-up games can take place in this slightly new environment. No question, the freeze factor will still stay above 0 degrees Celsius for a little while from what I’ve been told.

Basically, it’s about providing enough funds and donations, but it’s definitely an investment for future generations, no matter how long the Tigers can stay in the DEL and incite their loyal fans.

I believe that maintaining a strong organizational environment will play an essential role in successful survival in this money-oriented world of sports. In this way, enough preparatory work has been done, i.e. strategically aiming for a broad team formation and fulfilling the necessary legal contractual tasks at the earliest stage to establish the ideal premises for the coming season.

Now the open issue related to the required design of the stadium needs to be cleared up as soon as possible. Having mastered that last piece of the domino, the future of ice hockey with the Tigers could look bright and prospective.

My personal perspective for the third year adventure at DEL is as follows:

1) I am sure that I will buy a ticket at a special price called ’10er Karte’ (ie ten tickets at a special price) again offering a free game; depending on the history of the season, I guess I will attend more games compared to last year’s primary experience using this type of ticket, when I even persuaded my sister to come with me to a game near the end of the season.

2) However, I live quite far from Pulverturm (ie Freising, north of Munich), my status as a Tigers fan has improved a lot. By joining an amateur ice hockey club in Freising, coincidentally called ‘Media Tigers’, I have built a strong frame of reference for this exciting sport. As I start practicing in July to get through the summer physically and be in good shape for the winter, I will have no problem suffering from a mental and psychological gap, not being involved in my favorite leisure occupation for a long time. .

3) The Tigers must uncompromisingly stick to their inherent qualities, which are: pay strict attention to discipline, keep more than one eye on defense, and fight from the beginning to the last second of the game. This is what the crowd is going to expect and what the audience is giving credit for. Therefore, these traits and characteristics have to be maintained and literally spiritualized without any hesitation.

4) The fact that the beloved son of the fans, Billy Trew, along with his offensive partner Jason Dunham, have extended their contracts, which is a true blessing for the entire Tigers community: with this treasure on your back, they can achieve much more. that probably marked in their minds…

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