Speaking the truth: Reiki and effective communication

When examining the details related to the fifth chakra, the throat, the zone of communication and expression, the imbalances or diseases that manifest can produce a myriad of symptoms: sore throat, thyroid imbalance TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder of the jaw bones), weak voice, hearing loss, repeated colds, shyness, feeling powerless, overly emotional, uncommunicative, selfish you talk… but others sound like you’re an alien!

Some suggestions to help clear the energetic traffic jam may include: Sing, hum Sing Shout-Yes. A good scream can do wonders in terms of release. Trust me, I have done this several times to get rid of what I needed to release,

For those who are familiar with The Law of Attraction, we can also apply this concept to imbalances in the throat chakra; what we send is returned to us. The Universe is quite explicit in guiding us to live our truth. I recently read a quote that says, “Living your truth is as much about knowing who you are as what you stand for.”

From the perspective of a Reiki practitioner, clients who seek Reiki as a means to restore balance to their physical body often express feelings of overwhelm, frustration, or anger. By evaluating and observing, we found that it can be a reflection of feeling as if they are not being heard. However, perhaps they are not speaking their truth.

While the practitioner focuses on the seven chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown), additional attention can be placed on the throat chakra to allow congested energy to come to the surface and melt or burn. , further completing the client’s healing process.

Channeling Universal Love and Healing Energy can help to release congestion in our communication zone. A byproduct of this healing can arise as a cough, a scratchy throat, excess phlegm, a metallic or “ugly” taste in the mouth. While they may seem upsetting to the client, I reiterate that it is a positive step in their healing process. This allows the life force energy to move at a more natural pace. It also allows the client to speak clearly, concisely and with a defined intention.

I once worked with a client who was an airline attendant. She was cute as a button. During our session, I observed congestion in her throat chakra. During the discussion process, she shared that one of her coworkers had been making sarcastic comments to her. Frustrated, she would go silent and not engage in a pun on words. When she returned for a follow-up session a few weeks later, I asked how things were going with this person. Her eyes widened and she explained that when she returned to work, her coworker made another sarcastic comment. My client firmly told her that her comments were unwarranted and basically put her in her shoes! From that point on, there was no more comment from the peanut gallery!

Now, although each case is unique, Reiki was clearly essential in this situation. My client was able to release frustration, anger, and self-deprecating feelings toward her and her co-worker in a healthy and positive way. Reiki allowed her to feel safe in communicating her thoughts and intentions.

Also, we are seeing more people open up to their spiritual gifts. In the early stages, the uncertainty of how to enter her Light can cause imbalances in the throat chakra. Again, the bond between the client and the Reiki practitioner can provide loving assistance in overcoming these feelings.

At the end of the day, the Spirit reminds us how much our truth shapes our experiences. A valuable lesson for all.

And so it is…

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