Quick Review of the Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

It is the ultimate fitness mantra of many celebrities. Peoplewear for its benefits. So what is all this hype about? The alkaline diet, also known as the acid ash diet, is known to be a natural diet. It can promote weight loss and some claim that the diet can even prevent cancer. Works? Below are some of the things you need to know.

The pros and cons:

Let’s start by saying that the alkaline diet is completely natural, and therefore probably better than some of the fad diets we all know. If you follow this diet, your meals will be based exclusively on fruits, vegetables, and soy products. Some nuts, seeds, and lentils are allowed, while most common grains, dairy products, eggs, and poultry must be omitted. Red meat is also prohibited on the list. Fortunately, there are a number of reliable cookbooks out there that can help. Also, most diet books suggest avoiding alcohol and caffeine. This is also a gluten-free diet, so no wheat is allowed, but keep an eye on labels because many packaged foods have gluten. You can also include vitamin-enriched water or alkaline water in your plan.

Will you lose weight?

Yes, you will lose weight in a healthy way on the alkaline diet, simply because the diet is clean and free of processed foods, carbohydrates and gluten. However, you must understand that the weight loss process is not due to the alleged reason. The alkaline diet says that eating food and drinking beverages can change your body’s pH score, which is not true. Human blood is slightly alkaline, while the stomach is very acidic. This is because the acids in the stomach help digest food. However, nothing you eat can greatly affect the pH of your blood. If weight loss is your only motto, the alkaline diet is a good place to start, but don’t expect miracles.

Other points to consider:

Many critics have spoken of the lack of focus on exercise. In fact, the alkaline diet says nothing about exercise. For comprehensive and sustainable weight loss and other health benefits, an active lifestyle is equally important. Researchers are also unsure about the long list of other claims made, although limited studies have shown some positive results regarding the consumption of low-acid foods and beverages. It is also important to understand that this is not some kind of miracle diet. It would take considerable effort, and most of the foods you are used to should be completely avoided. If you are someone who has survived on hamburgers, bacon and English breakfast, you should think a little before considering the diet. However, you can always try one of the manuals or cookbooks for more information on how to cook alkaline meals at home, which can save you money.

Go online now to find out more about the alkaline diet, and if you have any chronic health conditions, consult your doctor first.

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