Photos of Anacondas Eating People – Really?

If you are interested in the anaconda, you can do some cursory research on the internet to learn more about these fascinating creatures. By doing so, you will find a great deal of information, some accurate and some not. However, guessed right among these items, you are likely to see some images of anacondas eating people as well.

These images perpetuate the myth that anacondas are stalkers and killers, an image exploited by Hollywood to make horror movies starring these huge snakes. With today’s technology, some of the images look a lot like life and could lead you to believe that anacondas, if not regularly, occasionally hunt and kill humans. But it’s true? In a word, no! Humans are not part of the anaconda diet!

In fact, there are exactly zero verifiable reports of an anaconda killing a human. There are definitely stories that involve anacondas eating people and some may be plausible, even probable. Throughout history, anacondas that came into contact with humans may very well have resulted in a death or two.

But when it comes to images, there is no such genuine article. What we do know is that anacondas will attack people under certain circumstances, but even this is very rare. In reality, there are more cases of human attacks by anacondas in captivity than in the wild. In the wild, snakes generally leave humans alone unless they feel threatened or haven’t had a snack in a while.

There are verified and documented reported cases of anacondas attacking people. Most of this is because scientists observe snakes for research. Fortunately, no deaths have yet been reported. Most of the time, when an anaconda attacks a human, it is either easily lost or deterred from continuing with the kill. The fact is, humans are too big prey to be worth their time and the anaconda would rather have a tasty rodent or, if it is very hungry, a delicious crocodile.

We humans are too annoying. So while there are images of anacondas eating people available, their validity is questionable at best. This includes an ongoing attack, as well as the contents of a half-digested person’s stomach. It just doesn’t exist in reality.

Just because images of anacondas eating people are not real does not mean that these creatures should be taken for granted and extreme caution should not be used when handling them in captivity or observing them in their natural habitat. The large size of these creatures imposes caution around them.

There is no doubt that an anaconda is capable of killing a human, and if caught, there may be some injury. But since attacks on humans are rare and deaths are currently nil, the validity of images of anacondas eating people is false. While it may be an interesting theory and it is a great film in the horror genre, we will just have to live with the fact that anacondas are not much of a threat to the general population.

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