Leeds rentals, what are the home inspections to be done before moving in

Safety Check

Before renting, you should check with your agent or landlord to make sure that all electrical appliances in the house have been tested (Portable Appliance Testing) and you should ask to see the test certificate as confirmation. You should also check that the house is equipped with smoke alarms or burglar alarms, and if the landlord provides the furniture, you should check that it meets the latest UK fire safety regulations.

Inspection of the house facilities

Before renting the Leeds student accommodation, you should check whether the interior of the house is in good condition, whether there are any signs of dampness or peeling paint, and whether there is central heating equipment, because it is still quite cold in winter in the UK, it is very necessary to check whether the heating is working properly, many international students have to buy their own electric heater separately in winter because the heating in their Leeds student accommodation is broken or not warm.

In addition, whether the furniture and electrical appliances in the house are working properly, whether the shower and taps in the toilet have signs of leakage, if these things are found to be broken after you move in, it is very likely that you will be asked to pay compensation or have your deposit deducted from them if you meet a bad landlord. Remember to check all this before you move in and ask your landlord to fix any broken things before you move in.

If you rent from a regular agent, the agent will provide you with an Inventory Report, which is a report on the inventory of housing supplies, and someone will check it for you.”

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