How to find a wife abroad

Meeting women from other countries is a good way to find a wife. There are many opportunities to meet women from all over the world who are ready to commit to a permanent love relationship. Statistics show that men in the US who find a bride from another country, often referred to as mail-order brides, are more likely to remain happily married than a man with a wife born in the same country.

To begin the process, you’ll need to know where and how to look for the right woman and what precautions to take before entering into a long-distance relationship. When you find a bride, you’ll need to know the legal aspects of bringing her to the US, so you can get married and enjoy a new life together.

Start your search for a wife abroad

There are beautiful young women all over the world who have signed up for online dating services because they really want to marry a man from another country.

When you sign up with an online marriage agency or dating site, you will be shown profiles of a wide variety of women. You can then start contacting those you have selected as potential marriage partners.

There is less chance of being scammed when you pay a higher fee to use a regulated marriage agency. If you prefer to use an international dating site, you will need to be a little more careful.

When viewing dating site profiles, beware of anyone who looks too perfect and photos that look like professional model shots. When you receive flattering messages, be aware that they may be coming from someone who is after your money.

When you set out to find a mail-order wife from a dating service or marriage agency, it’s important to take some time to get to know several different women before deciding to commit to someone who is closer to your ideal.

Have a successful long distance relationship

The profile of the partner you choose will reveal some of their background, their interests, likes and dislikes, but just like starting a relationship with someone local, you need time to get to know each other better if you want to find a wife. She is not going to accept a marriage proposal from someone she knows nothing about.

You want to find a girlfriend who is more interested in you than your money, so the focus of your communications should not be on your financial situation or your salary.

Be sure to send him photos that reveal something about yourself, so he can see what kind of man you are.

Show genuine interest in her by asking her questions about her goals in life, her interests, and the things she likes to do. Her answers will form the basis of her decision about their future together.

Find out as much as you can about their country and culture. If English is not your first language, you will need to communicate with her in simple words.

An online relationship shouldn’t be too different from dating locally, aside from no physical contact. After months of sending emails, private messages, Skype calls, or phone conversations, it should be obvious that you have been successful in your efforts to find a wife.

Identify the signs of an online dating scam

Know that their intentions are just as genuine as yours, so be prepared to spot the signs of a potential online dating scam.

Anyone who intends to start a new life in a foreign country will naturally have many questions. If she has expressed her love for you without asking anything about you or your country, that is a warning sign.

You can also tell if she’s involved in a scam if she deliberately ignores some of your more direct questions.

It’s definitely a scam if she informs you of a sudden emergency that requires you to send her some money right away. Typically, this request comes at a time when a scammer thinks you’ve become emotionally involved.

If he asks you to send money so he can get a visa and come to the United States for a visit, send him a non-transferable ticket or offer to go to his country for a meeting.

Understand the legal requirements

Once she has accepted your marriage proposal, you will have to start dealing with government departments, lawyers, and official paperwork. The whole process can take up to three years, but since you set out to find a girlfriend, it’s worth the effort to achieve your goal.

Before she can qualify for a fiancée visa, she must prove that they have met face to face. If she is from Latin America, China, the Philippines or Russia, you will have to travel to her country to see her. Other countries may be less strict on this.

You will need to be interviewed in your own country to obtain a fiancée visa to the US, which means you must go to a US embassy or consulate and show some evidence that you are indeed engaged to be married. Use travel tickets, photos of the two of you, letters or emails showing your future plans to provide proof of your relationship.

Upon arrival in the US, you must have a valid passport and some evidence of financial support. You will be asked to show the results of your medical exam and any other necessary certificates, such as divorce papers or a death certificate from a previous spouse.

Copies of your birth certificate, passport, and additional documents will be required when applying for US permanent resident status.

You must make arrangements to get married within 90 days of your arrival in this country. Having put so much into her quest to find a wife, meet her and go through the legal paperwork, there is no reason to delay the happy day and start their new life together.

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