Home remedies for instant relief from respiratory problems

Respiratory problems have become a common household problem lately, due to increasing air pollution. You can never completely get rid of the dust that causes painful wheezing, but there are many ways to ensure relief from respiratory problems. With these simple home remedies, your breathing will be trouble free in no time, without you having to pay huge medical and drug bills.

Get plants

Get plants, and lots of them. The greener the plants, the better it will be for your breath, as these plants will give a lot of oxygen while absorbing excess carbon dioxide. Place potted plants around your home, especially in the rooms you visit most often. A plant next to your bed and another next to your favorite chair will greatly facilitate your breathing.

Onions, Honey and Garlic

Onions, honey, and garlic are famous for their medicinal properties. Try honey garlic tea with a little lemon and increase the amount of onions in your diet. This will do wonders for your breathing as it will lessen any type of congestion or obstruction in the nasal area. Vitamin C tablets are also good for keeping your nasal passage cool and helping you breathe easily.

Homemade Massage Oils

Coconut and sesame oil, when mixed with ground nutmeg, can make breathing instantly easier, especially if you have bouts of total shortness of breath. Add about two tablespoons of ground nutmeg to coconut or sesame oil, warm it up, and massage your chest and throat thoroughly. You will find relief instantly.


If your chest and nose feel blocked and congested and your breath is squirting, you can try vaporizing. Boil water in a pot and then let it cool slightly. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the pan so the steam doesn’t escape. Inhale the steam by taking a deep breath, your chest will start to feel lighter in no time. You can also add half a tablespoon of steam to the boiling water for best results.

Avoid scented products

The artificial scent will do you a lot of harm if you have trouble breathing properly. Make sure your shampoo, soap, deodorant, and all other hygiene and even beauty products are not overly scented. Choose natural fruit products and you will notice that your throat and chest no longer feel scratchy or clogged.

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