Give a rustic look to your home

It is simple to have a rustic looking home with the use of iron decor. Decorative elements such as corbels, iron supports, iron handles and iron bathroom accessories bring back a look of yesteryear. Rustic home d├ęcor items can be found in a wide selection of designs and various types of iron. Furniture and hardware accessories can be found for every room in the house to provide a rustic decor look.

Any home looks great with wooden shelving. Wooden shelves work great for books, collectible displays, and storage of entertainment equipment. Homeowners can use highly decorative iron corbels as supports for wooden shelves in their rustic design homes. These brackets are available in many different scroll patterns to individualize each room in the home. No need for two rooms to look the same with the use of corbels to create a rustic look. Brackets can be purchased online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

Iron supports must be strong and well made. They will vary in sizes from about five inches to 24 inches. They can be used to frame doors or windows. Larger iron brackets can support countertops or mantels. Small brackets can be used on the shelves. Brackets can be made of wrought iron, wrought iron, or cast iron. The rustic look can be extended outside the home by using porch pole brackets and planters.

Use a rustic decor in the bedroom to create a rustic design. Use iron bed frames or headboards with elegant scrolling work. Place some decorative iron tables next to the bed. Have an iron blanket or duvet to store it. Place iron candle holders in the bedroom for romantic lighting. Use scroll-patterned iron lamps on accent tables. Add a full-size iron-framed standing mirror in the corner of the bedroom.

More decorating upgrades are available to create a rustic feel in the home with the use of iron handles, pulls, and knobs. Designs for various types of handles are created to look like branches, knots, leaves, pinecones, and twists. They can be used on kitchen cabinets, doors, desk or desk drawers, and other items that have handles, pulls, or knobs. Place a wrought iron chandelier on the dining room table. Use dining tables and chairs that have iron accents.

Extend the rustic design to the bathroom with the use of iron bathroom accessories. Iron handles can be used on bathroom doors and cabinets. Find a tub with cast iron legs. Hang a wrought iron framed mirror in your bathroom. Add iron towel bars to the walls or a freestanding towel rack. Use an iron wastebasket and a toilet paper holder. Use iron clothespins on the walls to hang a bathrobe.

Iron accent items can be used throughout the home and outside to create a rustic look. Decorative items are available in many different styles and designs for an individualized look.

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