Getting Rid of Political Corruption in Washington DC: How to Clean House in Government?

How is it possible to drain the swamp in American politics? Sometimes I wonder if that is possible. My personal opinion is yes, I would like to drain the swamp as well, I just want to drain the left side of the swamp first, not sure how that would work. In late 2015 we discussed political corruption issues in our study and how to address it, we determined that it was necessary to ‘clean house’ or what Donald Trump calls; draining the swamp.

One of our experts asked; “What if the release of the findings is done to the people by an honest media source that reports the news as it really should?”

Yes, expose corruption, something like WikiLeaks tried to do with the DNC. Of course, one of the challenges is that much of the shenanigans that go on in American politics aren’t even considered serious by the masses (rather business as usual), as long as they get their stuff for free or the politician is from their party. . they don’t care. In the case of a reporter, if he leans to the left, he downplays the Democrats’ accusations and acts like an apology, then attacks Republican politicians and leaders.

As a writer, I don’t need a Pulitzer, and I don’t always place a high value on self-righteous whistleblowers, especially those who are involved and want immunity or have an ax to grind, or have done something dishonest to make the whistleblower. I especially dislike catering services.

Our thinker also stated; “You know that the findings will also reach the giant news corporations through the back door.”

I guess, and yet how will this information be derived? Do you remember the Rupert Murdock scandal? Remember the HP scandal with board members getting cell phone call records? Although there is some immunity, theoretically, on the part of the media not to reveal sources, that would mean being dishonest in the process. Can we even trust the media? I do not.

Another problem I see is that if this wasn’t totally unbiased, it wouldn’t work. I bet there are a lot of very political animals on both sides of the aisle and the secondary parties would want the NSA information, for example, to bash their political rivals. In fact, that could change history, even destroy the country if done poorly or without orchestration. (Remember: this was a conversation in late 2015.)

Our thinker now points out: “We need good agents, and backed by a group of experts (who can provide targets), it could be effective.”

Boy, you would have to have some great people on your team, integrity beyond reproach, and you would have to have command and control of the organization out of sight and out of mind (almost invisible). I don’t know anyone I can trust on that level, just one, and I’m not convinced I want to, even if I understand the need.

You see, I also understand the animal, the political animal. I understand the competitive aspects and the type of person needed to do the job. Have you ever participated in politics? Some of these people are worse than stockbrokers at the wire house, selling penny stocks or working in boiler rooms. The last liar wins.

In fact, I believe that the Supreme Court of the United States has been compromised by corporations giving high-paying jobs and consulting jobs to immediate family members of our Supreme Court justices. We cannot allow this. We must remove and replace those members of the Supreme Court who have allowed these compromises to affect their decision making. We also need to look at the Executive Branch, the Senate and all members of Congress from BOTH parties, not just one.

We need to look at ALL governors and ALL top bureaucrats at the federal and state levels, once we do this we need a serious commitment to anti-corruption to go all the way down to the municipal level. Think about it.

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