Forget about putting false favorites – Start putting bad value odds on horses – Find out how here

It’s a gambling obsession that has taken over the horse racing world – the almost holy grail quest to find fake favorites that can be tapped for profit with very little risk. At one time it would have been easy, in the days when 99% of punters got all their information from the limited cards in the back of the newspaper.

But times have changed. You can now examine in great detail all the races a horse has run through the many websites and databases available on the Internet. This means that low-priced horses that don’t stand a chance don’t stay low-priced for long as a large number of people can now identify and place them on exchanges. This, of course, makes it much more difficult to find one of these mythical ‘fake favorites’

So I am going to share with you a simple method to profit from putting horses at greatly reduced prices. You see, it’s not about finding horses that will lose, it’s a case of finding horses whose odds are less than their actual chances of winning. To do this, we will use a simple technique that I like to call ‘Milking the Sunday bettors’

Sunday bettors are a formidable force. I don’t mean the people who place a bet on a Sunday, of course; I mean people who have no real knowledge of horse racing and will normally only bet for fun. You would think these people are unimportant, it certainly used to. That was until I thought about it for a bit …

Did you know that if you had deposited £ 100 in all odds riding in a Class 1 race over the last 6 years, you would have made a profit of £ 2,970 for Betfair SP? While I would not recommend putting these horses in blind, just looking for little things that could cause them to lose and using a betting plan, I have personally won over £ 4,000 in the last 3 years alone. Of course, these are not the type of returns that will allow you to buy a summer home on the Riviera, when you consider the small amount of effort that goes into detecting such bets, it is not the type of money to look at.

Now, if you have seen some of my other betting materials, you know that I am very critical of people using statistics without any logic behind them, so let me explain the logic that makes these horses so profitable to put up. ..

Class 1 races are high profile, they are the ones that always appear in the newspapers, the various racing television shows and experts will always spend a lot of time analyzing them before and after the race. That is why they are a small gold mine.

The ‘Sunday bettors’ are people who do not gamble on a regular basis, they usually bet only on the big racing festivals or high profile racing events (therefore they select only class 1 races for this study). They are not looking to win big risks and win big, they want what they assume is a safe bet, simply for the fun of it. So they bet on the odds on the hot favorites, the horses that are already priced down and get a lot of attention from the experts.

The result: hundreds of thousands of pounds (even millions) wagered on brokers who are already discounted. This has the effect of taking the value out of the horse. While a very good horse may have a 60% chance of winning a race, if that very good horse has been backed with 3/10 odds for that bet to offer any value (that is, when the odds are higher than the probability of winning) and even be considered as a profitable bet: your probability of winning should be at least 66.6%.

Horses do not know how much money is being wagered on them. Your chance of winning is EXACTLY the same irrelevant whether you are priced in pairs or 10/1. Supporting horses of such bad value would be stupid, the numbers are against you and generally you would always show a loss. But if you reverse that claim and put the horse in, you will make a profit.

So to sum it up, look up the odds of horses in class 1 races, see if there are any factors (no matter how small) that might get in the way of them in the race, even if it’s as small as an unfavorable draw, and put them in minutes before of the career. start of the race (as close to the start as possible for best results). Always pay close attention to the big racing festivals and televised races (on the BBC or C4 where lots of people are watching) and you are guaranteed to find poor quality horses, perfect for laying.

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