Finance: a great challenge in academic life

A study conducted at the Durban University of Technology revealed that most of the students cannot afford the tuition fees and as a result, their academic performance is negatively affected. most students indicated that they turn to part-time jobs to pay for personal expenses and tuition, however, having to work part-time results in absence. It was mentioned that the impacts of missing classes are poor test grades and even failure.

However, most mentioned that personal expenses were not a challenge as they could afford them. There were those who said they cannot afford personal expenses and would do anything to make ends meet. This shows that the challenges placed on students may be due to their backgrounds. Finances are a non-academic challenge that, however, have a great impact on the academic performance of students.

There were other challenges expressed by students that negatively affected their academic progress. These challenges include basic resources and access to. Despite the challenges the students expressed, they were still determined and hopeful of achieving their degrees. They shared their views on how they can improve their academic lives despite the financial burden they bear.

The students were very optimistic and believe that achieving this qualification can change their lives and lead to better careers. When asked about their course progress, they showed that things like workload weren’t much of a challenge, advising others to avoid procrastination so they can finish assignments on time and meet deadlines to meet their goals. obligations as students.

Students feel that there are additional support activities that the institution and teachers can provide them to facilitate their academic progress. They mentioned that they are given additional classes for those areas that they have difficulty with and emphasis on important sections of the modules. They also believe that e-learning can also be very useful where readers can post notes and other information on the board for easy access. This will also help by giving them more time and attending conferences when it really matters.

They believe that staying focused and working hard can lead to success. Little things like good time management can improve the academic life of students. They advised that one should not get stressed and just stay focused. For those who were stressed, they suggested joining the campus anxiety support group and finding someone they can trust to unload.

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