Develop joyous anticipation (law of attraction)

The spiritual masters and masters of yesteryear always asked their students and disciples to empty their bodies of desire and be free. What they meant was to remove the “longing” from your system.

When a desire remains unsatisfied in your system for some time, it becomes a longing, remains unsatisfied, and then becomes a bondage. And what does a person really want? Be free and happy.

Both past and present spiritual teachers also teach that true desires arise and are satisfied by themselves when there are no fears present. Practices are prescribed that make people meditate, do yoga, lead disciplined lives, seek knowledge, and basically dominate the mind. Slowly but surely, a true spiritual master works with a student to stabilize his mind in light and happiness.

Abraham (from Esther and Jerry Hicks) also says the same. He (they) define desire as a ‘joyous anticipation’ of what is to come (a pure desire). Abraham says that the state of longing is not pure desire.

It is only when you feel a blissful anticipation, which is a pure desire, and such a pure desire has no choice but to be satisfied.

Why is positive or joyful anticipation so important? Because anticipation is the energy of “Oh look, it will come any minute.” Think of a child waiting for his birthday / Christmas present. How does it feel to be that child? There is hardly any stress involved because the child has dropped several STRONG clues in the weeks leading up to his birthday / Christmas, and he KNOWS for a fact that his parents are definitely going to fulfill his wish.

And this is the place a person needs to get to – the place of joyous anticipation regarding every wish. Until then it is just a wish, which remains unfulfilled.

And who wants a body full of unsatisfied yearnings? Nobody! Create sadness and depression.

Mental energy constantly oscillates between darkness and light, despair and hope, scarcity and abundance, and it is the personal responsibility of each person to bring their mental energy to the state of abundance filled with light.

To achieve this, it is important to release your fears (and there are several ways to do this) and to make your life work for you and continue to bring you joy. For example, if you have problems with your family, make your whole family align with you by aligning with what you want. You are the center of your universe and you deserve to have your life full of love.

I found that before starting to work with people, they would have tried to apply the Law of Attraction knowledge to themselves, but they found it difficult to get to that place where they could see that it really worked positively for them. Fear, emotional and painful loss of energy with respect to each governed issue. And it is only when the real work is put into stabilizing their minds in the energy of light that the results are seen.

The only real job any person has is to come to a place of happy feeling about life and its various components. Because when people feel good about their life, that means they are in the space of knowing that things are really working well for them. And then you can tune that great feeling to each specific theme, making the manifestation happen.

Develop joyous anticipation for every topic in your life. In fact, develop a joyous anticipation for life itself!

Very happy!

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