Cracked Corian countertops? You need a countertop repair specialist, not just a manufacturer

Corian countertops can sometimes develop cracks. If your Corian countertops have cracks, don’t worry. With a quick phone call or email to a countertop repair manufacturer, you can quickly schedule an hour to repair Corian cracks.

Nor is it an ugly repair that seems like an afterthought or a mistake. A good repair manufacturer, also known as a countertop repair specialist, can make your Corian countertops look as good or better than new. You see, a countertop repair specialist performs countertop repairs for a living every day. You don’t just hope that a local countertop manufacturer has the time to contact you and the knowledge to fix your problem.

The fact is, many large fabricators who can build beautiful countertops while they sleep may not have the knowledge and skill to do the necessary repair for you. Often times when a regular manufacturer is asked to repair a countertop, especially one that is already installed in someone’s home, they will often send you to another manufacturer and the process will start over.

Manufacturers build and install countertops for a living. Repair specialists repair countertops for a living. It’s probably a good idea not to try to get either of you to do the other’s work. If you need new countertops, check with a manufacturer. If countertop repair is what you need, you should contact a repair specialist.

If your Corian countertops are still under warranty, simply call Dupont and file a warranty claim. You can reach them at 1-800-4-Corian.

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