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Buying an investment property to secure your future is sure to be one of the most common routes Australians take to gain financial independence. It has recently been said that one in seven Australian taxpayers are real estate investors.

Despite the fact that the Australian real estate market has seen a significant drop in prices, foreign real estate investors, especially those from the Asian region, have continued to buy properties in Australia. This is because the Australian economy has shown its immunity to the financial crisis, as many Australian politicians claimed that Australia has not been affected by the financial crisis as much as other countries. Buying a rental property in Australia will surely be one of the safest ways to invest because the Australian property market continues to grow and the Australian economy is highly resistant to external factors such as the financial crisis. Many years ago, I read a book in which the author stated that building an investment property portfolio is the only path to freedom.

He then created a new term ‘free investment property’ which he used to explain the formula of gaining financial freedom through investment. In his book, he explained that investing in property is the only way to overcome financial obstacles when we retire. And he supported those claims by providing some tools for calculating how much we’re likely to save for retirement, if we bluntly believe that retirement won’t be able to provide us with enough funds to cover our expenses in retirement. I must say that the discoveries I made were quite shocking. That is why I started my real estate investment path.

It has been more than 20 years since I started on this path. I have my own portfolio of properties and now work with Ray White with the goal of helping others with all matters related to Real Estate such as property investment, property management, property sales, Darlinghurst residential sales, leasing. We also provide home loan services to help others finance an investment property or finance a home. I also lead real estate workshops and real estate investment seminars helping others to start or continue on this path. Consider this, every day a new real estate millionaire is born. This way of securing our financial future is becoming something that everyone does. So maybe you should start down the path of real estate investing?

Respectfully, Steven Murabito.

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