Bum Marketing – What’s All The Hype?

You’ve probably heard it before and it rings inside your head. The “bum” in bum marketing really makes you kick around and wonder why someone in their right mind would call their product that. After all, this is such a radical departure from the names we’re used to. Mike Filsame has the rights to “Butterfly Marketing”, but who wants to be inspired by a colorful flying insect when you can be inspired by … a hobo?

No wonder it caught fire and literally created a storm of would-be reporting on this revolutionary method. This is also partly due to the name selection and also because it is basically free. Free doesn’t matter that much anymore though, and if you ask any decent copywriter, you’ll know it’s the most clich├ęd and overused term on the net. What makes this so unique is that their claim is that it really works, and it features one of the simplest, if not the easiest, methods out there for making money. It could have easily been created as a product in its own right, but the creator decided to make it available to the public.

The name was given to imply that this method is so successful that even a homeless man living on the street can earn a lot of money. The income that you will actually earn will depend on the amount of time and work you put into this method. The reward is supposed to come eventually. The main idea is to write articles for article directories using keywords that are not competitive or less popular. Since the articles are based on the least competitive terms, these articles will have a better chance of reaching the top of the search engines without much effort. Basically, the money is obtained from the link in the author box, capitalizing on an affiliate product.

The resource box or the author box will be what attracts readers and they will click on it based on your articles. Therefore, it is very important to find out if you have a good enough article to help you establish yourself as a known expert. You must make sure that the link you are using is valid; otherwise it will be a complete waste of time to write these articles. The keywords and articles you use will be the main deciding factor on whether the user is going to click on your link. If not, you’ve just wasted precious time on an article.

For the actual affiliate product you plan to promote, you should target the ones from the largest network to make it easier for you to review the ones you want to use. Just make sure the article matches the niche of the product you are trying to promote. Which means that it is relevant to the topic. So does this really work?

In theory, it does and many people report their results and earn up to thousands per month. However, the problem is not whether it works or not, it is based on the patience required to achieve it. Writing articles for hours can be a difficult task for most people. However, the simple fact that it is difficult makes it an opportunity for those who are willing to put their energy in and create the items consistently. Outsourcing is generally not the best way to do this simply for the money involved in making this happen. Of course, if you can find an honest writer who is willing to charge less, then go for it. Waiting for articles to start making money is going to be where the patience part comes in and most people just don’t have this. So if you are willing to go ahead and commit to this, I suggest you go for it. Otherwise, don’t waste time and just use articles as a means to build your brand.

If you try it, you will at least know that this method works, and then you can branch out into other projects.

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