Apartment Inspection Checklist

You have found an apartment that you like and are looking forward to moving to this beautiful place. Expect! Before signing the lease with the landlord, an inspection is necessary and this could save you a lot of trouble. If you have already signed the lease, it will be helpful to carefully inspect the apartment if you have not already done so. In case you find any problem, you must inform the landlord and fix it.

Below is a checklist for apartment inspection.

1. Check the input: Does the door seal properly? Does the lock work?

2. Check the floors: Any stains or material on the wood floor? Are the carpets clean?

3. Check the ceilings and walls: Are there dents, cracks, or holes? Is the wallpaper in good condition? Paint on the wall in good condition?

4. Check the electricity and lights: Are all lights working? Do electrical outlets work? Is the air conditioning working well? Does the ceiling fan work well? Telephone socket in every room? Is there a cable TV connection?

5. Check the kitchen – are the taps leaking? Good water pressure? Are all appliances working and clean? Does the refrigerator look good and don’t make too much noise? Does the dishwasher work well? Does the gas / electric stove work well? Does the microwave work?

6. Check the bathroom: Are the faucets leaking? Hot water from the shower? Does the toilet work well?

Good water pressure?

7. Check security: Windows in good condition and secure? Intercom working? Do all the door locks work? Do smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work? Lead Hazards?

If you have found problems with the apartment, write them down and show the landlord (keep a copy). Make sure problems are fixed before moving in.

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