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Almora sits on a ridge on the southern edge of the hills in Kumaon – Uttrakhand – India, and is mostly popular as the cultural heart of Kumaon.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “In these hills, the hospitality of nature outshines all men. The enchanting beauties of the Himalayas, its exhilarating climate and the soothing green that surrounds you leaves nothing more to be desired. I wonder if the scenery of these hills and the climate must be surpassed if it is equaled by any of the most beautiful places in the world. Having spent almost three weeks in Almora Hills, I am more in awe than ever why our people need to go to Europe in search of Health “.


The ancient city of Almora, before its establishment, was under the possession of King Katyuri Baichaldeo. He donated most of this land to a Gujrati Brahmin Sri Chand Tiwari Later, when the kingdom of Chand was founded in Baramandal, the city of Almora was founded in this central location in 1568 by Kalyan Chand. In the days of the Chand Kings it was called Rajapur. The name ‘Rajpur’ is also mentioned on various ancient copper plates. In the 1960s, the Bageshwar district and the Champawat district had not yet formed and were part of the Almora district.


Nearby places of tourist interest where you can take a day trip are the unforgettable Bright End Corner sunset, the Chitai Temple with its unique collection of bronze bells of all sizes, gifted to the temple by devotees for centuries. , Kasar Devi, which is home to many Europeans who both fell in love with the place they settled, the Nanda Devi Temple the cultural and religious center of Almora for hundreds of years and Lala Bazaar a unique market of more than two hundred years with cobbled streets of stone.

Binsar: 30 kms from Almora Binsar has a Shiva temple which is also called Bineswar. 2412 meters above sea level this temple was built by King Kalyan of the Chand dynasty. Visiting this temple gives tranquility.

Jageshwar: 34 km from Almora, this Shiva temple is located in the middle of a dense forest of Deodar and has a lot of mythological importance. Here are about 164 such temples.

Bright End Corner: Almora is 2 kms from here. A highlight of this point is the sunset and sunrise seen across the Himalayan peaks. A nearby loop house allows tourists to spend some time in this peaceful setting. Nearby is the Vivekanand library, which has many literature books. A little further away is the Vivekanand Memorial where Swami Vivekanand had stopped for a while on his journey to the Himalayas.

Deer park: 3 kms from Almora this park is in NTD (Narayan Tiwari Dewai).

State museum: This museum is near the bus stop. It is closed on Mondays and other government holidays. It is open from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Simtola: 3 km from Almora Simtola is a picnic area from where you can contemplate the beautiful mountains covered with pines and deodar.

Chitai Temple: This is a very busy area. This temple is dedicated to Lord Golu. The people of Kumaon adore him. Once a wish is fulfilled, people hang bells in this temple. Therefore, there are thousands of bluebells hanging there. The view of the Himalayas is extremely beautiful from here. This temple is located 8 kms walking through a beautiful pine forest, but you can also go by car.

Martola: This picnic spot in the middle of gardens is 10 kms from Almora. Most of the people who live here are foreigners. Buses and taxis go to a point called Panuwanaula and from there you have to walk.

Kalimutt: At 4.5 kms from Almora, this picnic spot offers a beautiful view of the Himalayan peaks.

Katarmal: This 800-year-old Sun Temple is second in importance after the Konark Sun Temple in Orissa. Seven kilometers from Almora, this important historical temple is an example of intricate sculpture. This temple needs restoration now.

Nanda Devi Temple: This 1000-year-old temple is one of the main attractions of Almora. Its walls have carvings. Every year a festival is held here in which young people from various mountainous areas come here to participate in this dance festival.

Gannath: 47 kms from Almora is an ancient Shiva temple with natural caves. 2116 meters above sea level this place is one of the favorites of nature lovers.

Kasar devi: Near Kalimutt is the temple of Kasar Devi. This ancient temple was built on top of a mountain in the 2nd century. The distance between Kalimatt and Kasar Devi is less than 1 km and can be easily covered on foot. The surroundings have become home to many foreigners. The main town is 6 km away.

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