Ad Rank Revealed: What It Is and 3 Ways to Improve It Without Spending More

What is the basic ad classification? We all know the basics of Ad Rank, as it is the specific position your ad earns in paid search results. But you don’t really know what factors are playing a role in this. Let’s break it down and find out what factors are actually playing their part. What kinds of moves, selection, and editing can potentially improve your ad’s ranking in Google AdWords management? If you don’t know all these factors, then you are in the right place to know all the facts about Google AdWords management and PPC management. Ad rank itself is simple in nature, but the important thing to find out is how you can improve your ad rank.
Here is the list of some important factors to know about Ad Ranks, how much they matter and how they can be improved faster.

What is Ad Rank?
A rank basically specifies the position of your ad in paid search results. For example, if your ad appeared in second place in your ranking through Google AdWords management, your ad is number two in search. The question is: what factors are really affecting your ad’s ranking? In 2017 the direction of Google AdWords changes some of its policies of the ad ranking functionalities. One of the main impacts of Google AdWords management is the use of machine learning to classify ads. Your ad bids and qualifying threshold will be passed through Google’s system. In this system, the search will analyze what are the main keywords searched by the users and what the users are really searching for. The user’s behavior will also be analyzed through this system by the direction of Google AdWords.
This means that each search made by users has different weights and rankings differently. Sometimes you can get the highest rank by bidding high for ads.
According to Google, there are a few factors that influence ad ranking.

Number of offers
The bid amount means what is the minimum you can use to bid for a specific position. For example, you can’t bid 20 cents on an ad that costs $3 to rank first. According to the system, your bids must be higher to get the highest rankings in the Google AdWords management system. The most important factors for your offer areas

Quality of your ad: Relevant landing page experience and CTR are essential elements for ranking your ads.
Search context: your device, different terms and time of day also have a strong impact on ranking.

Extension: Ad extensions are the important factor in a ranking, like how relevant they are and how they produce CTR.
Google AdWords is basically an auction place where you can bid on the ads you want and in the end the winner is the highest bidder.
As you know the ins and outs of ranking ads here are the 3 important ways for you to improve it without spending more on clicks.

always more is not better
To improve your Ad Rank, the obvious thing to do is to bid higher, but no one will be willing to spend more on clicks. If your ranks don’t agree with the results, it’s time to say goodbye to your rank, but PPC management allows you to rebuild it. There are different extensions if you want local traffic you have to use location traffic.

improve quality
If you are new to the world of paid search, then there is PPC marketing. It is also known as SE marketing. PPC marketing is done directly for businesses that want to grow and be profitable, and to improve your ad rank, there are two main things: specificity and relevance. The thing to keep in mind is how to structure your ad groups. According to Google, Advice uses 10-20 keywords to start with, but may not be able to find all 20 keywords that are relevant to your search.

landing pages
It is very frustrating if you click on some paid search and you will get something unexpected. Your landing page should be general and could even be your home page as well. Your landing pages must have some clear message through ads. The problem of creating unique landing pages for each search ad is time consuming. Since it takes time to create the separate landing pages, this really works in your favor and is also closely related.

final words
Create the relevant ads by using different extensions provided which stay directly in the ad groups as it is a good call to action. You should make different segments of your ad groups into smaller ones. Last but not least, create some generic landing pages for each of your ad groups.

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