A quick travel guide to Berlin – Germany

Are you planning a vacation in Europe? Berlin is a wonderful city to explore. It is the largest city in Germany and it is also the capital. It is found in the northeast of Germany. It has a fairly cool and humid climate that makes it comfortable for a tourist to go at any time of the year.

Berlin has a fascinating history, whose streets and architecture still bear witness to its troubled past. These days, Berlin is well known as a party city due to its series of events and activities throughout the year such as concerts, fashion shows, sporting events, trips, street parties and much more. It is also the city to watch out for when it comes to art, music, fashion, and design.

What to see in Berlin:

Pergamon Museum. Be amazed by Greek, Islamic, Babylonian, Roman and Middle Eastern art and architecture. It is the only museum in Berlin that visitors should not miss.

Panoramapunkt. Go up to the observation deck to enjoy this panoramic view of the city.

Schloss Charlottenburg. It is the largest palace in Berlin and one of the main tourist attractions. Some parts of the palace are open to the public, including the old palace and the new wing.

Berlin Wall. It is the symbol of freedom over oppression. The east side gallery is the best preserved turned section that is now an open air gallery.

Checkpoint Charlie. The most famous guardhouse on the Berlin Wall.

Exhibition The history of Berlin. Learn about the city’s rich heritage and the history of the famous Berlin Wall.

Reichstag. It is a large domed building that houses the German Parliament. People always line up to enter the building, but the best time to visit is in the afternoon so you can witness the spectacular sunset. The Kaefer restaurant is at the top of the Reichstag. It is the only restaurant in the world that is located inside a parliamentary building.

Jewish Museum. Or the Judisches Museum. It is the largest and most unique museum in Europe. It is almost like the shape of the Star of David and contains strange angles to symbolize the Holocaust.

Tiergarten. One of the largest urban parks in the world. People can have picnics and grill parties, as well as the usual park activities like jogging, playing Frisbee, and strolling in the park.

Kurfurstendamm. One of the most famous avenues in the city. It is full of houses, hotels, restaurants and also famous designer shops. Take a look at the showrooms of some of the high-end car brands.

Brandenburg Gate. It is the most famous landmark in Berlin. Take a photo with this wonderful historical monument.

Victory column. An important monument in honor of the important military campaigns.

Gendarmen Market. A stunning square with many spectacular neoclassical buildings around it.

When visiting Berlin, be sure to dine at some of its best restaurants:

Easy – specialty: truffles of alba

Engelbecken – specialty: organic meat and seasonal products such as organic roast beef bread.

Anna Blume – specialty: homemade cakes and java coffee.

Spindler and Klatt – specialty: veal and potato bavette with sesame.

Tartane – specialty: hamburgers and K & ouml beers; lsch from Cologne.

Indeed, Berlin is the place to have fun, relax and enjoy.

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