A case for a pool cue, hard or soft?

The cleat case is a vital piece of equipment for anyone who plays cleat sports. The case will protect the cue from getting damaged when you take it to those pool spots. If you have a one piece cleat you have the problem that it’s a bit long to carry and doesn’t fit easily in the back of the car so for that type of cleat you’re probably better off getting a one piece cleat that is can lock. case and leave it in the pool room.

Most cleats these days are two pieces with a 50/50 split or so called ¾ split where the split on the cleat is ¾ of the way down the shaft with a smaller end. This means, of course, that you need a larger case for the ¾ split cues. Typically, a 50/50 split cue needs a box that is 30 inches or so and a ¾ box needs to be 46 inches. There are also extensions to consider, do you have a smart extender or a full 24-inch extender? If so, you will need a larger or wider case, so keep that in mind when shopping for a pool cue case.

There are basically two types of pool cue cases, soft and hard. The cheaper alternative is of course the soft cue case, great for protection from spills and dirt, but not very good at preventing bumps or bending of the cue etc. The best solution is to get a hard case made of wood or, better yet, aluminum. The wood and metal case provides better protection for the cue and also looks good. All professionals have difficult cases, so that says it all.

Pool cue cases come in all different colors and designs these days, from the traditional black case with the maker’s monogram (which looks better IMO) to bold colors and flag designs, wood and leather effects. , the list is endless. . So you will surely find something that suits your tastes.

Prices vary depending on the case, and whether it’s made of real leather or leather-effect fabric, and whether it’s a soft cloth-type case or a hardwood or metal case. Prices range from £10 for a cheap soft case to £50 or more for the “full metal jacket” cue case. Whichever you choose depending on your pocket make sure you get one for your cue to protect it, pool cue cases are definitely worth investing in.

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