2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball – A Preview

One of the most popular sports card games of 2007 (and 2006) was Topps’ Allen & Ginter game. The 2008 set is scheduled to be released by Topps in July and is expected to delight fans once again. If you’re unfamiliar with the Allen & Ginter line, the cards are inspired by the first set of sports cards produced by the Allen & Ginter tobacco company beginning in the 1880s. Both the original set and the new Topps Allen & Ginter set They have a feature not seen in many baseball card sets: cards of great athletes from other sports, as well as famous actors, politicians, scientists, landmarks (yes, landmarks), and more! Some examples from 2007 included cards from Sitting Bull, Dennis Rodman, Gandhi, Alexander Graham Bell, Susan B. Anthony, Harry Truman, and more.

This year’s Allen & Ginter set will feature many of the same sets of inserts and cards that the 2007 Allen & Ginter set had. Of course, there will again be the 1-of-1 cut signature cards, which include the signatures of some of the most important politicians in the world. The coveted rip cards will be dropped at the rate of 1 rip card per hobby box. Rip cards are a full size card with a serial numbered rare mini card inside. The minicards within the rip cards are exclusive minicards that are numbered 351-400, original sketch images by Dick Perez, red ink autograph cards serially numbered up to 10, or one of a kind wooden minicards. Each hobby box will have a box magazine insert consisting of N43 cards modeled after the original N43 cards, serial numbered N43 heirloom cards up to 25, hand-numbered N43 autograph cards up to 15, heirloom cards hand numbered N43 autographs up to 5 or cabinet box chargers which are oversized cards with several mini cards. Each hobby box will contain two of the following: autograph cards, heirloom cards, printing plate cards, or original 19th century Allen & Ginter cards (new in 2008). Each 2008 Allen & Ginter card pack will have six cards and the total 2008 base set will consist of 257 baseball veterans, 32 rookies, 24 famous non-sports figures, and 20 famous athletes from sports other than baseball. In addition to the six base cards, each pack will contain a mini side card.

The 2008 Allen & Ginter set mini cards will include all 350 base cards, all 350 base cards in a 1/1 wood version, all 350 base cards in a cloth version numbered up to ten, all 350 base cards with the Bazooka on the back numbered at 25, all 350 base cards with an Allen & Ginter back variation, and all 350 base cards with a black border variation.

New to the Allen & Ginter 2008 set is a world leader insert set of 50 (1 card in 12 packs), US state cards of all 50 states and one baseball player from that state, icons of baseball with legendary players and cards with old icons of figures like Beowulf (1 card per 48 packs). There will also be DNA relic cards that have a lock of hair or other matter on them. Most are from famous people, but there will also be a Woolly Mammoth DNA Heirloom Card! There are eight DNA relic cards and they are all numbered 1/1. Perhaps the most intriguing new set is the World’s Greatest Win Set, which will consist of 20 cards. Each card will have part of a code and the first collector to crack the code will actually be on his own card in the 2009 Allen & Ginter game! With the previous success of the Topps Allen & Ginter games and some exciting new subsets, 2008 Allen & Ginter should be another fantastic game.

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